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One ream of paper (500 sheets) uses 6% of a tree.


Tree Neutral® is a commitment to the future of our forests. We work with individuals and companies that want to offset the number of trees they consume by taking proactive steps such as planting trees in direct proportion to the number of trees they use, recycling, converting to electronic records and other methods of tree consumption reduction.

Why Be Tree Neutral®? We all impact the planet on a daily basis through consumption of paper products. By becoming Tree Neutral®, you can take steps to offset the impact you have on the depletion of our forests. Becoming Tree Neutral® is one simple, proactive step that every individual and business can take to minimize its effect on the environment.

How It Works: It's easy to be Tree Neutral®. Tree Neutral® will work with you to establish guidelines for you to follow that are unique to your consumption. Once an individual's or company's Tree Neutral® goals are assessed and their guidelines are established, they will be asked to enter into a licensing agreement granting them a license to use the Tree Neutral® trademark and the Tree Neutral® logo. There is no licensing fee. The cost is simply the cost of adhering to the guidelines, i.e. the cost of planting trees, which can be paid to an organization of your choice that will do the planting for you. Most Tree Neutral® licensees plant trees through an organization such as Arbor Day Foundation.

How Do I Sign Up? If you are interested in becoming Tree Neutral®, please complete a submission form.