As producers, publishers, and printers, how can we protect our planet?


Tree Neutral® is a commitment to consuming content responsibly.


We work with individuals and companies that want to offset the number of trees they consume by producing books, magazines and newspapers by planting trees in direct proportion to the number of trees they use for each print run. 

How Does It Work? 


It's easy. Tree Neutral® gathers data about paper consumption from various sources and uses that information to determine how many trees should be planted to offset the number of trees used in a particular print run.  There are multiple variables such as type of paper, whether it's coated or uncoated, the size and weight of the paper, and whether it's recycled or virgin paper.


How Do I Sign Up?

If you are interested in becoming Tree Neutral®, please send us a submission form and make sure to include the print quote.  We'll review the print specifications for that print run, analyze it in conjunction with our data about paper consumption and send you a licensing agreement, which will include the terms and conditions for using the Tree Neutral® logo and trademark to market that print run as being "Tree Neutral®".  

Why be Tree Neutral®?


By becoming Tree Neutral®, you can take steps to offset your ecological footprint.  Being Tree Neutral® is one simple, proactive step that every individual and business can take to minimize its effect on the environment.