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Tree Neutral® is a commitment to our forests.  We work with individuals and companies that want to offset the number of trees they consume by planting trees in direct proportion to the number of trees they use.  

Why Be Tree Neutral®?  We all impact the planet on a daily basis through consumption of paper products made from trees.  By becoming Tree Neutral®, you can take steps to offset your ecological footprint.  Being Tree Neutral® is one simple, proactive step that every individual and business can take to minimize its effect on the environment.

How Does It Work?  It's easy.  Tree Neutral® gathers data about paper consumption from various sources, and uses that data to create its own guidelines for what it means to be TREE NEUTRAL®, which includes planting a certain number of trees that corresponds directly to the number of trees you've used through your paper consumption. If you want to be Tree Neutral®, you'll enter into a licensing agreement granting you a license to use the Tree Neutral® trademark and logo.  There is no licensing fee.  The cost is simply the cost of adhering to the guidelines, i.e the cost of planting trees, which can be done directly by you or which can be paid to an organization of your choice that will do the planting for you.  It's simple.  It's Tree Neutral®. 

How Do I Sign Up?  If you are interested in becoming Tree Neutral®, please complete a submission form, and we'll send you a Tree Neutral® license agreement.


Clint Greenleaf

Founder & CEO

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Clint Greenleaf began his career working as a staff accountant at Deloitte and Touche and earning his CPA.  After writing his own book, and receiving requests from friends to help publish their books, Clint started Greenleaf Book Group.  Clint used non-traditional publishing methods to grow Greenleaf Book Group into one of the industry’s leading independent book publishers and distributors.  With Clint at the helm, Greenleaf Book Group represented thousands of titles, produced over 30 NY Times and Wall Street Journal best sellers, and was one of INC's fastest-growing companies in America, making the INC 500 list in 2006 and the INC 5000 list from 2007-2012.  Given the volume of book printing at Greenleaf, he decided he wanted to do something to try to minimize the effect it would have on the environment, and that's exactly what he did.  He founded Tree Neutral® in 2008 and has been planting trees ever since.

Kate Greenleaf began her career working as an associate attorney in Holland & Knight's Chicago offices.  She worked as an associate attorney for several years before going out on her own as a contract lawyer providing counsel to various companies and as General Counsel for Greenleaf Book Group and later for Content Capital.  In 2008, Kate co-founded Tree Neutral® with Clint and today she oversees the daily operations in an effort to reduce the environmental impact of paper consumption by planting trees.

Kate Greenleaf

Co-Founder & COO


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