• Forest ecosystems are one of the most important ecosystems.  They move around three billion tons of carbon every year.  This amounts to about 30% of all carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels.

  • Afforestation is the process of establishing a forest on land that is not a forest, or has not been a forest for a long time by planting trees or their seeds.

  • One ream of paper (500 sheets) uses 6% of a tree; For every 100 reams of copy paper used, 6 trees are consumed; 1 ton of uncoated virgin (non-recycled) printing and office paper uses approximately 24 trees; and 1 ton of 100% virgin (non-recycled) newsprint uses 12 trees.

  • In 2006, about $91 million of carbon offsets were purchased in the voluntary market, representing about 24 million metric tons of CO2e (Carbon Dioxide Equivalents) reductions.